In our office, we perform the surgical extraction of wisdom, third molar teeth, which are also known as judgment teeth. The extraction can be done when the teeth have erupted or even before their development. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, making it all painless.

Gum Surgery (Gingivoplasty)
Gingivoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct or change the contour or proportions of the gingiva, especially close to the teeth. This procedure is much sought after by those who, when smiling, show a large amount of gum. With this procedure, this amount of gum is reduced. The procedure is painless, as local anesthesia is applied to perform it.

Surgeries of root remains (remains of broken teeth).
Another surgical procedure that we perform in our office is the removal of root debris. These remains can be broken teeth, completely destroyed by cavities or fractures, in which only the tooth roots remain inside the bone.

FRENECTOMY Surgery. Removal of the labial frenum.
Frenectomy is the surgical procedure performed to reduce the labial frenum, which can be superior or inferior, or the lingual frenum. The purpose of the procedure is to reduce the space between the teeth because they are larger than normal. In addition to this space, the brake can cause periodontal problems and the accumulation of waste, and a surgical procedure is recommended.

Implant surgery
Dental implants are the option for those who for some reason have gone through tooth loss and wish to smile naturally again. Through this procedure, a tooth is implanted so that the person can recover the masticatory and speech functions. In our office you can also perform an implant surgery, schedule right now.

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